Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Study deals with sound. Acoustic means ready to hear. Hearing is one of the distinctive features of animals and speech is a characteristic of development. Technology in acoustics is acoustic engineering. It deals with production, transmission and reflection of sound. Depending on frequencies which are too low (infrasound) and too high (ultrasound) for a normal person. It speaks about under water sound or sound through solids. The basic concept of Acoustic is cause- transduction- propagation- reception- effect. It is used in various places to know about an earthquake, in submarine to locate its foe using sonar, in band playing in a concert, architectural acoustics, telephony, music, etc. Acoustic architecture deals with acoustical design of rooms like auditorium, halls for music programs. It also deals with engineering procedure for acoustical design, basic acoustical characteristics, and subjective evaluation of speech in an auditorium. Divisions of acoustics are physical acoustics (Aero acoustics, linear acoustics, underwater acoustics, structural and vibration), Biological acoustics (Bio acoustics, physiological, psychological, Musical and speech communication) and acoustic engineering (Acoustic measurements and instruments, signal processing, environmental, transduction, ultrasonic’s and room acoustics). Auditory illusion, diffraction, Doppler effects, medical ultrasonography, sono chemistry, sound pressure, sound proofing, music therapy, noise control, noise pollution, shock wave, phonon are also dealt here.

Monday, October 19, 2009